Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

A successful radiotherapy treatment is a team effort in the true meaning of the word. Our more than 200 staff members constitute a multi-disciplinary team ensuring a smooth and high-quality treatment. The pages below describe who is who in our team, and provide photos of our team members. 

Our multi-disciplinary team

As a radiation oncologist, your attending physician is specialized in using radiation for the treatment of cancer. You may also be treated by a resident, under the direct supervision of a radiation oncologist. Physician Assistants (PAs) have received (formal) education, allowing them to perform certain tasks otherwise performed by a radiation oncologist.

Each individualized radiation therapy treatment is a team effort by our faculty physicians and medical physicists, residents, physician assistants, accelerator engineers, radiotherapy technologists and data managers. Behind the scenes, our professional administrative staff and IT department strive to keep everything running smoothly.

For the entire duration of your treatment you will be welcomed by our medical administration at the front desk. Our staff from ‘patient service’ (“patiëntenservice”) are your go-to person for any questions you may have regarding your treatment.




Attending physicians

S. Al-Uwini, MD, PhD

A. Bannink-Gawryszuk, MD

M. Beijert, MD

A.C.M. van den Bergh, MD, PhD

M.J. Berveling, MD

J.C. Beukema, MD

H.P. Bijl, MD, PhD

S. Bijmolt, MD

A.H. Boer, MD

D.M. Busz, MD

O. Chouvalova, MD

A.P.G. Crijns, MD, PhD

M. Dieters, MD

C. Hammer, MD

M.A.A.M. Heesters, MD, PhD

J.G.M. van den Hoek, MD

M.C.A. Kramer, MD, PhD

 J.A. Langendijk, MD, Prof.

A.H.D. van der Leest, MD

 J.H. Maduro, MD, PhD.

C.T. Muijs, MD, PhD.

V.E.M. Mul, MD

A.G.H. Niezink, MD

E. Oldehinkel, MD

P.F. Sinnige, MD

R.J.H.M. Steenbakkers, MD, PhD

 J.F. Ubbels, MD

H.A.M. Vanhauten, MD

H.L. van der Weide, MD

R. Wijsman, MD

M. Woltman - van Iersel, MD

UMCG_Tineke van Zon-Meijer HR.jpg

T.W.H. van Zon-Meijer, MD


Residents (AIOS)

M. Anakotta, MD

L.L. van der Berg, MD

S.A. de Boer, MD, PhD

UMCG_Lisa van den Bosch HR.jpg

Drs. L.G.L.J. van den Bosch

C. de Groot, MD

J.J. de Haan, MD

UMCG_HR_Asmara Pattipeluku[1].jpg

A. Pattipeiluhu, MD

R.H. Stoffers, MD

H.H.G. Verbeek​, MD, PhD


Physician Assistants (PA)

G.J. Stiekema

UMCG_HR_Shirley v.d. Neut[1].jpg

S. van der Neut
(in training)

Medical Physicists

R.A. Bolt, PhD

A.J. van der Borden, PhD

S. Both, Prof.

C.L. Brouwer, PhD

_Unknown 200x300.jpg

K.H. Chan, PhD

M.A. Florijn

J. Free, MSc

H.E. van Herpt, MSc

P.C van der Hulst, MSc

E.W. Korevaar, PhD

H.T. Lotz, PhD

W.P. Matysiak, PhD

P. Pisciotta

D. Scandurra, PhD

A. van der Schaaf, PhD

N.M. Sijtsema, PhD

_Unknown 200x300.jpg

B. Strbac

A.A. van't Veld, PhD

D. Wagenaar, MSc


Physics Residents

R. Feld, PhD

E.M. Gort, MSc

V.C. Hamming, MSc

A.M. Kamerbeek, PhD

K. Ng Wei Siang, PhD

R.P. Coppes, Prof.

UMCG_HR_Lara Barazuol[1].jpg

L. Barazzuol, PhD

L.V. van Dijk, MSc

Dr. Ir. M. J. Goethem

E.M. Gort, MSc

H.P. van der Laan, PhD

P. van Luijk, PhD

G.G. Marmitt, PhD

L.A. den Otter, MSc

C.O. Ribeiro, MSc

UMCG_Gert Sikkema HR.jpg

G. Sikkema, PhD

D.S. Spoor, MSc

UMCG_Makbule Tambas HR.jpg

M. Tambas, PhD

UMCG_Martijn Veening HR.jpg

M. Veening