Referring for photon radiotherapy

Referring for photon radiotherapy

We offer the opportunity for both written referral and referral by phone. Please send us the required information and data (see below) within two working days after referral.

Referral by phone

Tel: +31 50-361 2711

Please use the above-mentioned phone number. Patient referral is possible between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday. Our medical administration will transfer your call to the on-call radiation-oncologist.

If your patient has previously been referred to us, we ask you to directly contact the patient’s attending physician.

Written referral

In case of a written referral, we ask you to also enclose the required information (see below). We will send your patient an invitation letter with the date and time of the initial consultation. Our aim is for this consultation to take place within ten calendar days from the day of referral. 

It is possible for some treatment preparations take place immediately following the initial consultation. In this case, your patient will have received the necessary details in writing, together with the invitation letter. 

At the first consultation, the radiation-oncologist informs your patient of the treatment aim, the number of irradiation sessions, the possible short-term and long-term side-effects, and the details related to preparing for the radiotherapy treatment. Your patient will furthermore receive the scheduled appointments for treatment preparation and the starting date of treatment.

Immediately following the first consultation we will inform your patient’s primary care physician of the radiotherapy treatment starting date. This letter also mentions how the attending radiation-oncologist can be reached in case of questions or concerns.

Required referral information and data

We ask you to send us the following information within two days after accepting your patient for radiotherapy treatment:

  • A letter of referral mentioning the relevant medical history and current medical indication;
  • Copies of pathology reports;
  • Copies of surgical reports;
  • Copies of X-ray imaging reports;
  • Notes of the multi-disciplinary team meeting;
  • Diagnostic imaging on cd-rom, in DICOM format.

You can mail this information to the following postal address:

Afdeling Radiotherapie UMCG
Postbus 30.001
9700 RB Groningen