More places to stay for families

More places to stay for families

23 April 2019

Within walking distance of the UMCG, the ‘Familie de Boer huis’ offers two apartments for our youngest proton therapy patients and their families. As of February this year, another six apartments have been realized right behind the ‘Familie de Boer huis’. The three-story building also houses a single hotel room. 

The first full year of proton therapy treatments has shown that many children still had to travel long distances, each day, for their proton therapy treatment. Because of the additional six apartments, this will no longer be necessary. To accommodate other groups of patients as well, the UMCG is looking into a further expansion.

National laws and regulations do not yet allow for reimbursement of these overnight stays. This will most likely be addressed by 2020. Until then, the patient will have to pay for the costs of accommodation. Some health care insurers, however, do already reimburse these costs partially or even fully. For you, as a patient, it is therefore important to contact your health care insurer in due time. We also provide housing assistance, should you decide to look for other housing in the vicinity of the UMCG.

Volunteers of the “Friends of the UMCG Foundation” will be frequently present in the apartment building’s office. They are happy to answer your questions related to the apartments, their immediate vicinity and any other questions not related to your treatment.