4D Image-Guidance

4D Image-Guidance

​Comprehensive 4D image database

We are currently acquiring an extensive 4D image data set of patients with indications in the thorax and abdomen:

Using this data set we aim

  1. to acquire detailed insights into inter- and intra-fractional variations in patient geometry,
  2. to establish and validate safe and efficient proton therapy treatment approaches for moving targets and
  3. to establish and validate adaptive treatment regimes.

People involved

Marianna Sijtsema, Kristel Muijs,  Fred Ubbels, Margriet Dieters, John Maduro, Dianne Busz, Jeannet Beukma, Anne Crijns, Anne Niezing, Erik Korevaar,  Arturs Meijers, Lysbert Oosterhof, Patrick Kalk, Antje Knopf, Lydia den Otter, Hans Langendijk

Treatment monitoring based on 4DCBCT

Development and application of methods to transfer motion information from daily 4D-CBCTs to the 3D or 4D planning CTs, in order to obtain a virtual 4DCT representing the “motion of the day”.

People involved

Lydia den Otter, Arturs Meijers, Roel Kierkels, Marianna Sijtsema, Antje Knopf, Hans Langendijk


Ion Beam Applications (IBA), Advanced Technology Group, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium:
Guillaume Janssens