4D Quality Assurance

4D Quality Assurance

Dose reconstruction based on machine log-files and motion monitoring for 4D adaptive treatment approaches

Motion induced uncertainties hamper the clinical implementation of pencil beam scanning proton therapy (PBS-PT). We work on a methodology for fraction-wise retrospective 4D dose reconstruction, aimed at the evaluation of treatment quality during treatment.

People involved

Arturs Meijers, Antje Knopf, Gabriel Guterres Marmitt, Cássia Oraboni Ribeiro, Hans Langendijk, Stefan Both


OncoRay, Dresden, Germany: 
Annika  Jakobi,  Kristin Stützer, Christian Richter


A. Meijers et al. “Log file-based dose reconstruction and accumulation for 4D adaptive pencil beam scanned proton therapy in a clinical treatment planning system: Implementation and proof-of-concept” Med. Phys. 2019; 46(3):1140–1149.