Motion Mitigation

Motion Mitigation

Evaluation of breath-hold

The treatment of moving targets with scanning proton beams remains a challenge. A high reproducibility in breath-hold is required as the delivery of proton therapy treatment fractions often exceeds feasible breath-hold durations. By controlling lung volumes, Active Breathing Control (ABC) assists breath-holding for motion mitigation. We therefore investigate the reproducibility of anatomical uncertainties in the lung under ABC, as well as the dosimetric consequences thereof.

People involved

Lydia den Otter, Arturs Meijers, Roel Kierkels, Fred Ubbels, Hans Langendijk


CR-UK Cancer Imaging Centre, The Institute of Cancer Research London:
Allia Kaza, David Collins, Martin Leach


L.A. Den Otter et al. “Evaluation of lung anatomy vs. volume reproducibility for scanned proton treatments under Active Breathing Control” (Abstract accepted for oral presentation ESTRO 2017)

L.A. Den Otter et al. “Reproducibility of the lung anatomy using Active Breathing Control: Dosimetric consequences for scanned proton treatments.” (Abstract accepted for poster presentation PTCOG 2017)

L.A. Den Otter et al. “Lung volume vs. lung anatomy reproducibility under Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) for scanned proton therapy” (Article prepared for submission)